America was never Great stop pretending like it ever was….

The Fascist and Chief of Amerikkka…

Before I begin my screed let’s give the readers a forewarning what I’m about to say will be angry, Vitriolic, and outright bombastic you’ve been warned.

A day ago Trump gave a speech while in front what looked like to be the suffolk police department. Trump gave a speech outright giving the police the go ahead to abuse criminal suspects, be rough with them as he says. This man the president said in front of all of these officers that police brutality is ok and condoned under his watch. Case in point he said gangs and thugs. which is often codewords for Black people and others… Yes white people use codewords to communicate with other white people. “Staying on code” So to speak. What makes this speech incredibly dangerous and asinine is not only do you give the cops the green light to abuse suspects, you also give them the greenlight to abuse people who are potentially innocent of any crimes or wrongdoing. The cops have been known to make obvious and fatal mistakes. Such as Freddie Grey, Tamir Rice and Jamal Crawford to name a few. You're also escalating the situation to a chaotic level because now people will wholeheartedly believe the cops are out to kill them and they will have no choice but to respond in kind. What your doing is stoking the flames of a potential civil war. You’ve already had police killing civilians in america this year 700 innocent people gunned down to be exact. Also let’s not pretend that white criminals and suspects are not treated with kid gloves by the police with inherent bias on a lot of cases. Remember guys #Bluelivesmatter ONLY matters when the suspect who killed the cop is black, White Criminals that kill cops aren’t widely broadcasted in the mainstream media because it fucks up their narrative of white people NOT being criminals and cop killers they remain silent in passive condoning of the act!!!

Let me remind you of a case of the Central Park 5. A group of black and Latino children that got railroaded into jail, Questioned and interrogated by police WITHOUT LAWYERS OR THEIR PARENTS FOR HOURS.(Which is against the LAW) Coerced into making a confession that they raped a white woman… Donald Trump being the fucking Racist he is took out a full front page ad calling for their death’s even though there was a ton of evidence to suggest that they was innocent, it wasn’t until years later that another man came out and admitted he was behind the central park jogger rape and his DNA was an exact match. And Donald Trump in his glorious hindsight never apologized for his rhetoric.

This is a man who America has voted for that has shown time and time again he is xenophobic, a liar, a con-man, a fascist and a racist. In his campaign he has frequently spewed anti-muslim, anti-mexican and now he’s focused on gays & transgenders with his military ban it was only a matter until he focused on the blacks. The minute he said he will be a “Law & Order” president we as black people was put on the list and now that Jeff Sessions is in cahoots with him being Attorney General they will focus on Black and brown youths like never before. The thing about dog whistle politics and code words they use is that white people pick up on it, but Others are not stupid they have paid attention too.

Thug and gangs are code words for Latinos and Blacks… Plain and Simple.

A smart man giving that speech would have named the specific organization he wanted to target in Suffolk county which is the Notorious Ms-13 emanating from El Salvador by way of California. But he added code words which casts a bigger net to ensnare us all. Now you might ask yourself why are you afraid if your not a thug or part of a gang you have nothing to be worried about. That would be nice but I’m not white. The cops have a particular habit of labeling congregating black youth as a gang or a random black guy as a gang member or suspected gang ties. The tying random black youth to gang activity isn’t that far fetched and the way they are trying to group all of us up into one umbrella is constitutionally wrong and dangerous. But when has trump cared about following the bills of rights or constitution?

This man has run amok with his white father having ties to white supremacist groups, to his upbringing, the mob ties, his bankruptcies his speeches, his adulation for hitler and other dictators. This is the man white america has voted for. This man is not deserving or FIT to be president.

All these russian Scandals and investigations into his finances and background are warranted the american public has hired a potential russian proxy to be commander and chief of the united states. The Legion of Stupid trump voters threw america into the abyss instead of the United States being an economic leader in the world we are a fucking laughing stock, police execute innocent civilians condoned by the media especially if they are minorities, we have key figures appointed in govt that are out to destroy their branches Betsy Devoss (Paid for her position) Scott Pruitt (Paid for his position) Ben Carson (Sucked Trump’s dick for his position, figuratively) Steve Bannon (White Supremacist dujour and Self Cocksucker Former editor and creator of Breitbart)

All I know is that a war is coming with Trump at the helm, a war of great magnitude… a 3rd world war is inevitable at this current countries trajectory. All I want to do is tell my people prepare yourself for the inevitable and brace yourselves.

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.