Another Black man dead in America… do you even care???

Philando Castile innocent man shot dead… for no reason, complied and died.

I want this picture to be a reminder, a grim reminder that it doesn’t matter what you do in America as long as you’re a black man, innocent or Guilty. Armed or Unarmed you can be killed with impunity and your police officer/ murderer can get away with it with a slap on the wrist at time and sometimes scott free…

I know that a lot of non black americans think that African-American’s are exaggerating cops heavy handed and deadly tactics but if you don’t know by now it’s fact that many police departments have cops who are trigger happy and no amount of training will help them descalate the situation in which they will shoot a black person. There is a definite bias that law enforcement has to citizens of color and white people. I have seen numerous times on video there are plenty of white criminals who are out of control. Whether physically attacking the cops or shooting at them. Cops do not attack viciously often as if their life depended on it.

And if they do it is a rare case that a cop will wholesale just outright shoot or attack a white criminal even in the act of committing a crime why?! Because White people are often shielded from the cops brutalistic actions, because they often remind them of their family members. Which is a phrase that’s often uttered as to why they went out on a limb for them.

Which also leads me to the criminal justice system and law enforcement entities that circle and protect it within. There are areas in which DA’s protect the cops, The cops have strong Unions and so cliqued up with people in the govt and judiciary the DA will find ways to throw the cases to protect cops, no matter if they are crooked and caught red handed like Michael Slager they stack the Juries with cop leaning white citizens, they request change of venues to get a different set of juries who are more amenable. These are just two examples of courtroom trickery to get the cops off on serious charges.

I mean let’s face facts if any African-American citizen caught on tape blatantly shot a innocent white man while he’s in the car, he’s prosecuted and thrown under the jail. Why is it that cops are given protections legal or illegal to keep them out of jail? You are a Civilian on Patrol you should be held to the same laws and regulations that apply to regular citizens walking the streets. Why do white americans grant you the authority to dictate the laws when you yourselves don’t follow them. Could there be plenty of racist white people who agree with black people getting killed who go through mental gymnastics to justify it? YES ABSOLUTELY… it’s been that way since the beginning of time.

Vic Mackey Dirtiest Fictional cop ever…and got away with all of it…

People often asks so now in this brave new world in which cops can kill black people because they deem them not important in the Law’s eyes what do we do…

The answer is radical in its exception and dangerous at it’s context. There is a reason why the police do not attack other groups of ethnic american’s whether it’s financial like the hasidic jews in brooklyn who have their own police group / neighborhood patrol and do not allow the NYPD to interfere in their business, the Asians which have so much economic clout and financial means to pay politicians under the table.

The answer is Black people might have to follow the same suit. or become radicalized….

Yes I said it. I’m gonna give you a fictional scenario, remember in the movie Training Day when Alonzo took Jake to the Jungle?! Jake said cops do not come up in here alone unless they have an army. I did a little bit of research and what do you know there are places in this world in which the cops do not go. Rural areas in which militias regulate on their land or white supremacists strongholds or certain hostile neighborhoods in chicago.

There used to be codes and rules in which if cops or anyone else killed one of your family members that cop would be marked for death. And as insane as that sounds cops know who to mess with and who NOT to mess with.

The only reason they attack and berate and harass African-Americans are because we have no retaliation mechanism or economic clout of political power. That’s why they run roughshod over our neighborhoods in which we live.

Bottom line is the game in which cops kill us with impunity is over… I think a lot of African-American’s are entirely fed up with the police and justice system and biased laws which in a pecking order has fucked us over since we got off the damned slave ships. Fear is a great motivator to change things and if you're in fear of your life being a cop exacerbates you to execute black people for the smallest thing. YOU SHOULD NOT BE A COP. Once the people that was in fear of you are no longer conquered by their fear and start fighting back like the dawn of the civil rights movement will you finally concede and treat us like human beings or is Open warfare what you want on American Streets?! The choice is yours you’ve always had the power to change it. The status quo MUST change. For all our sakes.

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