How the empire won….

what lessons can we take from Palpatine’s ascension and rise to power, truth is stranger than fiction. The modern day allegory to our world and how democracy will die in darkness.

Treachery, Corruption & Deception….It’s all part of the plan

If you don’t know by now I’m a bit of a nerd I like hip hop, sci fi, futuristic epics, science and things considered not embraced by black culture but I am still a black guy living in america and I know I’m a black guy. That being said I’m noticing several frightening parallels between the star wars universe and our own…

I remember watching Star Wars (The Original Trilogy) not the prequels. And then I saw the prequels in my 20’s and now in my 30’s I’m noticing more and more these parallels with how Senator Palpatine gained power, destroyed the jedi and cemented himself in the seat of power in the universe….And OUR own.

Let’s look at how Senator Palpatine concealed his identity to the jedi for ages operating on the low right under their noses on the same damned planet. Some say it was bad writing or maybe he was just so powerful he could conceal his powers from the jedi. Trump came out the gate not concealing his motives to ANYONE. He didn’t play the long con or bait and switch, his campaign promises was deporting all of the mexicans. Calling them rapists and criminals. Banning all muslims from entering the United States. And being a “Law and Order” President which is a huge White Supremacists codified dog whistle to is white fanbase against black people. Even the slogan of Making America Great Again harkens back to a time where when white people was the defacto represented citizen, it was no doubt they favored themselves above all other. in sports, television, marketing you name it they was on top of everything. Black people, african americans had to scrape and fight for their share of the american pie throughout it all… Whenever Trump mentions “Law and Order” Black people know exactly what he means…even if you don’t.

Law and Order comes with an Iron Fist…

It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be going from regular cop uniforms to SWAT gear mandatory complete with full body armor and armor piercing bullets. Also take note govt just quietly passed a law that cops do not need a warrant to search your property. In states like VA, MD, & DC. And one mighty guess where those cops are gonna search first and foremost (The Black & Poor Neighborhoods of course). Also asset forfeiture is STILL on the books cops will confiscate your crap and force you to provide proof of how you brought it without due process. Stealing Billions from United States Taxpayers while Trump’s Govt willfully endorses it.

Also a side note of also Trump single handedly pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio a man who under the guise of Law and Order has broken the law more times than I can count and broke the federal law concerning racial profiling and harassing latino & hispanic citizens in his state in his district and jurisdiction. Trump quietly Pardoned him solo without the knowledge of the DOJ or any advisors. Opening him up to future litigation himself. Also he quietly pardoned an open an unabashed racist in the face of his remarks about charlotteville and texas being hit with a category 4 hurricane this is what he focused on but what can you expect when your president is a racist and bigot with dictator aspirations who has admitted he likes hitler and had a copy of mein kampf on his bedroom nightstand.

Order 66 will change the game…

Let’s get to the final phase of the plan… Executing order 66. but before we get there let’s summarize in essence what Palpatine did to get to that point. behind the scenes orchestrated a massive war between a trade federation & republic of planets, supplied both sides an army; the trade federation with a huge robot army and the republic with a huge clone army. Got the jedi’s unknowingly to get involved deputizing them as generals in the republic side of the war. Had his point man Count Dooku killed, Killing the trade federation heads, taking over the machine army, getting all the federation republic of planets to back him voting him in power and scapegoating the jedi saying they’ve betrayed them (in a failed assassination attempt on his life he claims, which they was trying to arrest him; in truth), executing Order 66 making the entire clone army turn on the jedi’s wiping them out. Taking Anakin skywalker under his wing killing the kids who would become jedi’s destroying the jedi temple and turning the republic into the empire which he all controlled.

That’s some Machiavellian shit if I ever heard it. Wow.

Now Trump isn’t as smooth, smart or cunning as Senator Palpatine was but what he lacks in smoothness he makes up in pure brashness and force. He is very blunt.

Starting a war.

Oh let’s bomb North Korea. even though now they have ICBM’s too and nuclear materials. . that’s how we’re gonna pay the kickbacks to defense contractors and private companies and use the military for the labor plus we’ll send more soldiers over there protecting our “Freedoms” (LOL).

The next step in terms of the war would be either getting republican controlled house and congress to willingly give up control to him or him taking them out and erasing chess pieces that stand in his way. Even though his approval ratings are in the tank a lot of mainstream white middle america will ride for Trump because they see a white savior in him. Which is fucking sad is because the truth is Trump doesn’t give a damn about you, or your coal jobs or your lives, he’s letting companies poison your water ways and putting the EPA crony in charge of it to turn a blind eye to your suffering.

Trump drumming up a war to suspend with the help of a republican govt isn’t that so far fetched and with the military gear he’s supplying the cops he already has a stormtrooper force in his pocket to use on the citizens at will and deputizing known white supremacists and militia groups to roam around the streets bringing “Law and Order” to anyone too rebel like. those that are against him and his regime.

And lastly we have the retarded american public (YOU) who has happily eaten his dog shit and the right wing media protection of their saint they overlook many of his glaring criminal acts and outright hostile rhetoric because they are apart of the problem. These people have become the empire’s flunkies and protectors so enamored with dictatorship they have willingly embraced and given away their rights to be in support of the empire.

So in a year or two when More militarized police walk the streets looking like stormtroopers and trump has a national news network in his back pocket blatantly shoveling the masses with his tripe of his brand of news. Don’t blame anyone but yourselves America. You voted for the dictator and emperor. You got one and the last thing I will say to you is….

“Democracy dies….in darkness… & The world will end in Silence.”

How America will be remembered…. #MakingAmericaAnEmpireAgain
Norman R. Colson

My Name is Norman R. Colson

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.