In a sea of Mass Shooters and White Terrorists Black people are STILL public enemy number 1… (Black Identity Extremists)

Keep your head low we can’t find this white guy for shit…

Well today has been a sobering day. A day when america who shows us they are STILL in denial about white radical domestic terrorists they turn their attention towards black people.

5 days ago America was reeling from the DOMESTIC ACT OF TERRORISM…by one white man who the mainstream media tried to humanize and legitimately find a reason for his actions. Steve Paddock an alleged multi millionaire gambler and vegas real estate owner, brought 38 long style semi automatic rifles LEGALLY from 3 states and a ton of bullets. Converting them into fully automatic with Bump Stock devices, Brought them all into the upper floor suites of the Mandalay Bay hotel busted out two windows and fired off numerous rounds. He killed upwards towards 55+ innocent country concert goers and injured 200 more.

As usual the story made it’s round through the MSM networks and their pundits who made excuses, minimized and downplayed his actions, what unequivocally made it worse was that none of the outlets branded this white man a terrorist. Even though he committed a huge act of terror they refused to label him a terrorist. They even withheld his picture from being circulated unlike they do with black suspects even if there’s a so-called investigation the media’s complicit bias, is blatant as ever but I digress.

But what happens in the days following this shooting is even more egregious and disrespectful happened last night.

Last night, The Guardian leaked a confidential internal FBI report detailing the FBI making up enemies out of Black Protesters calling them Domestic Terrorists with the label B.I.E. or Black Identity Extremists.

Article here:

This is not surprising the FBI has been used by evil racist presidents to lock up black people and other minorities for years ever since Nixon commenced the war of drugs which sole purpose was to give an excuse for law enforcement to crack down & destroy black people because they opposed him. This is more of the same. Nationally a lot of black people have been embracing the NFL protests against police brutality, AND IT WAS NEVER ABOUT DISRESPECTING THE TROOPS OR THE FLAG… This movement has awakened a lot of black people, along with the #BankBlack movement and other situations, a lot of upper echelon white organizations are seeking to punish those with black empowerment ideals and thoughts. and recently the supreme court just ruled that the Black Lives Matter Movement cannot be sued. So thus Jeff Sessions, the Mercer Family and a shadowy racist sith lord by the name of William Regnery has used considerable resources, think tanks and the like to introduce law enforcement edicts based on lies to focus on arresting swaths of black people and protestors alike. All things considered Trump is a defacto white supremacist based off his actions and words alone.

And all things considered when you have Steve Bannon, Breitbart news in your pocket and the mercer Family bankrolling your presidential campaign it leaves nothing to the imagination of those well informed of who’s backing you.

Fact remains that the heads of DHS have admitted in senate hearings they have 1000+ open investigations to domestic white terror groups and yet President Trump takes them off the Terror watch lists and gives them leeway into washington when he doesnt condemn them or order his DOJ head Jeff Sessions to crack down on white extremists. Bottom line is Trump is aligned with these people, their values are his values…

The minute Trump said law and order he meant it. That was a pure dog whistle that could be heard for miles, him and the keebler elf weaponizing govt agencies to crack down on black people protesting will lead into an ugly dystopian society in which your every thought to rebell is quenched with a knock by the fbi and LEO’s knocking on your door.

Let’s be honest white people have more to fear with radicalized and or crazy white shooters mowing down people from hotel rooms then Imaginary retaliatory strikes for injustices about cops getting away with murder with killing innocent unarmed BLACK civilians.

Their ploy is to take away the spotlight on them and their allies and by extension white terrorists and instead focusing it on black imaginary boogeymen they conjured up in their little sick minds because the reality is too hard for them to face, the right wing establishment has let neo nazi’s and their sympathizers infiltrate the govt and condone acts of pure barbarism and it’s only gonna get worse.

My only hope is that the Mueller investigation finds definitive proof of Trump’s collusion with the russian govt and Trump and his entire cabinet is dragged out on the front lawn and thrown into a federal jail with the gusto, but since has rich white men ever been treated like a broke nigga??!

My name is Norman R. Colson You can reach me at Twitter: The Darkest Order@normanrcolson

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.