Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the worst star wars movie ever in it’s franchise history and a mediocre action movie on top!!! Critics be damned, screw the critics!!!

So much Hype for NOTHING!!!!

So where do I begin? Let’s start to where I was last night watching a copy of The Last Jedi on my macbook. As I opened the movie I was so hyped about seeing Luke Skywalker and seeing his superior jedi powers on the big screen and his return to glory and the training of Rey I went in with baited anticipation due to The Force awakens I truly don’t hate movies.

I’m gonna list my major gripes about the movie…. SPOILERS!!!!

Untapped Potential squandered due to White Male Backlash…

Let’s talk about FN2817, or Finn as we know him picking up from where the last movie picks up Finn awakens from his coma in a bacta suit screaming for the white chick who left him in the friendzone. Finn’s story is given a decent subplot in the Last Jedi, him and a new female Resistance Fighter by the name of Rose is given a mission to find a codebreaker to hack their way into a super star destroyer that’s bearing down on the resistance. It’s an okay side story but the writer of the movie Rian Johnson has absolutely failed to flesh out his character. John Boyega is an amazing young actor and his talents is squandered in the role of Finn. Also let’s get into the racial backlash of the character of Finn a lot of black fans felt Finn’s character is portrayed as a bumbling idiot at times and a coward especially in the first movie but I blame the white writers. Let’s face facts Finn was due to be a major hero character when he was initially revealed, I mean it’s not everyday a brainwashed stormtrooper wakes up and suddenly decides to join the resistance. But it seemed that there was going to be a pairing between Rey and Finn but they teased it and then when it came to commit Rey kissed Finn on the forehead even after he saved her flapjack ass. But I consider that the backlash was due to white male nerds on reddit and other sites flipping their shit. I mean we shouldn’t be surprised white men have a serious problem with pretty white women being romantically involved with black characters whether it’s in a popular movie or tv show and Disney listened to this. I mean I have other anecdotal evidence due to how Finn was put on the chinese poster minimized and marginalized and his character is wasted potential and why the hell is he a janitor? WHY THE EMASCULATION OF A BLACK CHARACTER??? Is white men and writers so insecure they can’t let the black guy shine???

Wasted Potential of one of the best heroes ever created….

SMFH where do I begin with this Luke Skywalker shit…

Seeing Luke Skywalker on the big screen was what I was waiting for. Seeing how his powers grew and see what new radical shit he could do due to his mastery of the force. The Luke we saw was a broken man. Afraid and scared or even dealing with the force. He tries to shoo Rey away from even visiting him on the water planet. He doesn’t want to train her, he doesn’t want to be bothered. I mean I get it, during the course of the story we see a sad backstory of how his jedi school was destroyed when he tried to kill Kylo Ren in his sleep Due to snoke’s corruption. So he feels deep regret, remorse, responsibility. He feels he let his family fall to the darkside and let Leia and Han down so he punishes himself in Exile.

I feel his characterization fell WAY short, they could have stayed true to lore and show Luke Warming up to Rey and begin training her hard, showing her more powers with her connection to the force. Missed opportunities left and right.

I also feel another missed opportunity is Luke seeing Rey develop into a mythical Grey Jedi a being so attuned to the force on both sides they can utilize the entire spectrum of force powers WITHOUT corruption. But NOOOOOO that merciless hack of a garbage writer Rian Johnson who probably has never seen a Star Wars movie in his life wrote this shit with a fucking blindfold on…

Towards the end of the movie when all hope is lost and the First Order is bearing down on the Resistance with their numbers dwindling Luke appears to give them hope and a fighting chance. I was so hyped to see a full blown Luke Skywalker fully powered and mastered force user take on his nephew on the planet. The idea could have radically been written to have Luke use the force in an amazing way with energy manipulation, he could have displayed Starkiller’s powers ripping apart the machines if nothing but a wave of his hand. You could have made this idea Memorable for the ages. but Noooooooooo Luke was nothing more of an astral projection, now that seemed cool but NOOOOOOOOO they kill him off on some bullshit???!!? Why not utilize him until the last movie?!?! Why waste his character so needlessly, there was so much he could have done and lore and catching up with him since the original Episode 6 ending!!!!


Surpreme Leader Snoke…What a JOKE!!!! What a damn waste…

The antagonist of the story and leader of the first order. so many fan theories about who he was ranged from an remnant from the old republic or the legendary teacher Darth Plagueis the Wise, who the emperor himself who he killed who could not DIE. But all that lore and potential fucking WASTED, just wasted I’m gonna spoil the fuck outta this shit by saying he was killed in a cheap shot by Kylo Ren and a prone lightsaber… This sith lord who could feel movement and telekinetically move people with just his damned mind could not feel Kylo moving the Lightsaber AT ALL… WASTE OF A BADASS CHARACTER, WASTE OF POTENTIAL… WASTE OF A GAWDDAMN VILLAIN.

Gawddamn this Mary Sue

And let’s wrap it up in Rey’s story, Rey is literally nothing and no one special. Her parents was no special people, they was junkers… ooops you thought she was the offspring between a jedi and a female sith or some shit, nope we don’t we get that. We don’t get none at all.. Does Rey get trained by Luke.. NOPE… does he teach her how to fight better and use a lightsaber??? NOPE, moving rocks or energy manipulation??? of force Pushing, Super Speed or anything else? The way she just stumbles across with raw power and NO TRAINING in the use of said powers is baffling… it is a SUPER STRETCH of the imagination. Rey isn’t a bad character don’t get me wrong but Rian Johnson was the worse with the narrative for her story. I just can’t write anymore of how horribly disappointed I am with this entire movie and this bullshit nonsense. I’m mentally frayed and emotionally drained from even writing this gawddamn article. As a writer & a fan I wasliterally spitting at my computer screen watching this bastardization of a Star Wars movie. And yes there are themes of destroy the old remnants and let the youth take over I get it. but there is a classy way to make way for the new class and a sloppy way but this was WAY BEYOND SLOPPY…

The 9th star wars film I won’t be paying for much less even seeing this in the movie theaters at all… Disney giving Rian Johnson the reigns of this series for the foreseeable future to milk the cash cow will kill it quicker than ever.

I’m done. Goodnight folks!!!

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.