The Domestic Terror Murder of Jazmine Barnes…

Murdered by a Domestic White Terrorist

If you had your head in the sand or somewhere up Trump’s ass like the mainstream media a tragic murder happened a few days ago when a white domestic terrorist targeted and murdered Jazmine Barnes who was only 7 years old. Jazmine and her family was leaving a Houston Wal-mart when out of nowhere a WHITE domestic terrorist unloaded into her car from a red pickup truck with no plates aiming at her and her family. Hitting her mom in the arm and hurting her family in the backseat. Jazmine did not survive and was killed instantly.

This story is tragic but what makes it so infuriatingly frustrating and outright outrageous to me is how the media is going with this story, which is not at all. As usual since the murdered victim is black the local media and other news organizations have not covered the story much and if they have they have used their favorite keywords “unprovoked” Which is misnomer which basically gives the killer favorable light to say that attacking innocent unarmed black families is OK as long as your defending yourself. And as usual their little viewers & YouTube commentators will probably rationalize in their minds this family, “Probably deserved it”.


Another aspect that’s striking is the fact that law enforcement has only come up with a basic sketch rendering of what the murderer looked like but has not run this face through any law enforcement or DOJ/Fed database at their disposal. They’re dragging their feet is egregious and at worse not surprising seeing how blatantly biased their are in finding killers of black people but let this have been a black man who murdered an entire white family in a suburb of Houston the entire city would have been on lockdown and a dragnet with helicopters and canines would have been out with makeshift checkpoints. We seen this time and time again. White shooters and domestic terrorists are coddled by Caucasian media and law enforcement, they show bias in how they report the situation vs how they act when the situation is reversed. it’s time we keep it 100 and speak truth to power on racial dynamics when it comes to murder at the hands of white people is done vs compared to black people in this country. We do not have the luxury to depend on barney fife law enforcement that might just take him to burger king if they catch him as a job well done. I.E. Dylan Roof. I’m advocating for vigilante justice the same justice these people employed when they lynched innocent black folks back in the day. The same mobs that dragged out innocent black men out of sheriffs jails and did unforgivable justice and vengeance upon them. The media doesn’t tell you the brutal history of how white lynch mobs pumped up by biased and obvious media LIES reporting used to lynch black men who was innocent of crimes such as whistling at white women and burning down entire villages like black wall street. If the govt is in bed with white nationalists in the white house and law enforcement has been infiltrated by them as well… What other choice do black people have except swift and deadly retaliation against the murderers???

Also even if they catch this domestic white terrorist that’s not guaranteeing his conviction. there has been numerous cases in which high profile murderers of black people has been let go by biased juries; justice is blind, deaf, dumb and retarded when it comes to black people and rarely do trial judges without juries give them appropriate sentences either because and I Quote: which was the mindset of the judge Aaron Persky which gave Brock Turner only 6 months in jail for raping an unconscious womanin an alley and was caught in the act meanwhile as usual white judges and District Attorneys usually recommend you do YEARS for selling dime bags of weed so-called mandatory minimums. Isn’t it crazy how the so-called justice system works where a weed dealing black man is more prosecuted strongly than a white rapist and or murderer? The justice system is biased, flawed and utterly corrupt from the top on down. I have little to no faith that law enforcement ever catch this man or convict him fully. because in america black lives have little to no value here. The justice system has enforced it, the law enforcement is biased in how they treat these cases has shown it, and how mainstream white media has covered it. They will whitewash it.

Do what you will with what I said, but deep down inside you know it’s the truth…

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.