The Emergence of #BlackAmerica…and white internet outrage when the slave narrative is derailed…Obviously

Producer Will Packer and Writer Aaron Mcgruder Team up to bring us an amazing story Courtesy of Amazon.

There was a lot of controversy this week when HBO gave a belittling statement of their upcoming Alt-History “Confederate” basically HBO deemed the internet outrage by black people to be overblown and not to judge the show when it has not even been created as of yet.

The controversy stems from the premise of Confederate itself which happens to be an Alternate future What if story that has the premise that What if Slavery never ended and the south didn’t lose the civil war and we ended up in modern times…

This has generated a lot of backlash from black critics tired of being depicted as slaves. It seems that a lot of white naysayers are calling this a work of fiction and are so gung ho for this show to be created. Dreamed up by two worthless miserable white game of throne writers David Benioff & D.B. Weiss. Emboldened by white privilege they seem to waste their goodwill developed by hbo to make a show that will possibly be tone deaf and disgusting in it’s depiction of slavery if Game of Thrones is any example these two writers celebrate Rape and debauchery as a core staple in their writings. I had zero faith in this project with HBO’s financial backing.

A ton of black commentators, armchair celebrities and keyboard warriors took to twitter to denounce the show leading the pack was a prominent black twitter user April Reign creator of #oscarssowhite led the charge in this campaign #NoConfederate started trending and immediately began to pick up steam. White people/ Alt-right users/ and trump supporters probably from the netherrealm of reddit bowels around the internet began to display microaggressions wanting to see this story of a bunch of slaves still killed, lynched and castrated in modern times. The south rebel lovers came out in all it’s glory mocking black users with their little snide comments and alt-right flavored verbal assaults claiming it’s a work of fiction. They tend to not realize in this very tense racial climate it’s not wise to have black people’s pain be used as entertainment.

Two white Privileged Hacks with Rape and Incest as a one trick pony…Game Of Thrones Showrunners DB Weiss & David Benioff

Suddenly without warning a day ago Amazon clapped back at HBO with their announcement of a show called Black America helmed by The Boondocks Creator Aaron Mcgruder and Producer Will Packer. Their alternate timeline story settles on a fictional world that what if America gave all the free slaves reparations after the civil war and gave them states Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as payment. This story had black twitter striking back at HBO & confederate supporters denouncing the shows very existence. Black America’s premise is very profound this is a story that should have happened in our reality but as we plainly see America is not too fond of paying back black people reparations for slavery even after all the laws made to destroy us and tear us asunder was passed by racist politicians.

Twitter Trolls came out with a vengeance decrying this shows design and premise as if This show wasn’t in development an ENTIRE YEAR before the announcement of confederate. I do not understand why these white viewers would seek to watch african americans be tortured, slaves, castrated beaten and downtrodden. A reversal of paradigm later with us being the heroes of the story and they are now suddenly outraged. Claims that this is biased and this show will flop. My advise is you do not have to watch it, you probably will just to show up with your armchair analysis about each episode as you nitpick the characters of a fictional story.

I noticed once the narrative of Black People being in control of their destiny and not being enslaved it has riled up a ton of white detractors. whether they are trolls or real people it is very disturbing to have anger that a particular segment of society are not to be enslaved on screen. It has shown me that American’s for all their talks of democracy, Freedom and pursuit of happiness, their lively hoods is built on the suffering of others whether it’s real or not.

America has shown in reality it is nowhere close to being enlightened about the suffering of others and ability to change for the better and to be inclusive of other people. We can take a look at America’s founding history up until now and the unjust laws they created to punish it’s citizens, jim crow, redlining, gerrymandering, redrawing districts, voter suppression laws, The 13th Amendment, Dred Scott, Separate but Equal (Brown vs BOE), Black Panther Gun Laws, Levittown, Tuskeegee Syphilis Experiments I can go on all day. America hasn’t atoned for these injustices against us and doesn’t look like any politician republican or otherwise will atone for the sins of the past which gravely affects us today. A simple apology doesn’t cut it. What makes this Black America Show significant for a lot of people with it’s premise is the idea that this SHOULD have happened instead we’re dreaming it up and watching it on television.

Let these detractors have tears stream down their faces. You can have that silly confederate show I know I will put money down on a new amazon account to watch this show and be held in amazement to see a history that should have been.

Norman R. Colson

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.