The Face of White Supremacy Finally exposed… to the rest of America

Murder, Mayhem & Racism…Charlottesville, Virginia Yesterday an enraged White Supremacist rams a Dodge Challenger into a Peaceful Protest crowd Killing 1

If you was under a rock yesterday a ton of white supremacists, avowed KKK members, Neo-Nazi clan members and all new assorted right wing hate groups descended on Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of the confederate statue of General (Pro Slavery rights Fighter) Robert E. Lee.

A march was organized by a right wing alt-right blogger by the name of Jason Kessler. Titled “Unite the Right” That right they marched to the statue with tiki torches and corny nazi era slogans chanting “Blood and Soil”… and you will not replace us.

And Yes they was throwing up Nazi Salutes this is not fake or an error many of them was screaming Sieg Heil. and Hail Trump…

Cops was called in to watch them March through the night by the morning the arrival of counter protesters had turned this march into a shit show of slow roasting proportions. The Alt-Right protestors clashed with cops as the cops formed a barricade demanding they disperse as they told them it’s an unlawful assembly their permit time had run out. AntiFa forces & small black enclaves of Black Lives Matter showed up. There was a few skirmishes among the crowd. The cops and National Guard could not keep control and also the cops surprisingly was nowhere to be found. Rumors had it they was given orders to pull back by the governor himself (a fact that needs clarifying) Events in Ferguson and other places where black people resides show the hypocrisy of the cops and white led govt appointed leaders in general. As we watched the chaos of the Militias and neo nazi groups marching through this town the cops was not around. No Mraps, Cops with riot armor, no helicopters or tear gas was launched into people’s houses and shops, the crowds was not forced to disperse, cops was not arresting and charging any of the White Supremacists rioters. So that right there is a obvious bias on how the police forces treat white members of society compared to black people…

A group of Neo Nazi’s beat Deondre Harris in a Parking Lot Next to a police Station and no cops intervened…

Which brings us to the Flashpoint of our story the Creme De La Creme’…

Later on in the afternoon a group of peaceful protestors gather on a side street marching in traffic when suddenly a Gray Dodge Challenger with Ohio Plates came barreling towards the crowd as many had their backs turned.

The New York Daily news got it right.

The Dodge Challenger Smashed into the group of protestors Maliciously without remorse, a load of bodies fell and screams erupted from the horrified crowd as a crunching metal and flesh was heard…

James Alex Field Jr. Proclaimed he was in fear of his life as Protesters swarmed his car… That was a lie because it was all caught on tape he barreled down the road aiming to kill people and he did. Look at the face of evil.

What’s sad is that news sources from CNN, BBC, to Al-Jazeera picked up the coverage of the escalating situation and then came the talking points by white politicians condemning the actions of the white supremacists…But President Trump in particular blamed Both Groups are in the wrong even after millions of people just watched in horror a avowed neo nazi alt right member commit an ACT OF TERROR against other americans President Trump would still not call this for what it was, which was disheartening but not surprising to many black americans. Donald Trump has ALWAYS been on their side. Since day 1 his rhetoric has been biased, racist and vitriolic. Nothing presidential about him & his past actions should not surprise any of us.

These Neo-Nazi members, The KKK and Alt-right has been allowed to flourish under white america’s watch and coddled by right wing elements in the media. They exists on stormfront and 4-chan and reddit. No one in the govt in a position of power has done nothing to halt their rise to power by way of arrest, dismantling or outright jail. Hate Speech if condoned by the right wing of the american govt as a facet of free speech and tolerate by the left. For too long white america has let this hatred from its children and adults flourish, they wish our death’s and our extinction black people’s humanity is not something to toy with it should not be a question of whether we can co-exist, it’s a question now they have to ask is will they tolerate them to thrive will they finally turn the tables on them and lock them up for their horrific acts and punish them summarily. the onus has always fallen to white america’s justice system and its enforcement of the law. Instead of punishing minorities for decades maybe you can punish your own. because now is the time… this is a war you have let fester and multiply under america’s skin since it’s creation and inception ever since y’all coddled slave masters as heroes as they wrote the constitution but was slave masters themselves writing dred scott laws and the 13th amendment. Y’all are the ones after the civil war that never arrested any of the southern generals for treason, you whitewashed history and promoted them with statues in their honor deifying them in name… It’s time America has faced itself… It’s not our fight anymore… It’s yours… Face your destructive past or get left behind for the future…the choice is yours!!!

Norman R. Colson

My name is Norman R. Colson You can contact me at Twitter: Thedarkestorder@normanrcolson

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.