Why is there a Double Standard when it comes to policing and justice… #wakeupamerica

Racism isn’t dead your an idiot if you ever think that it was…

I’m writing this article today on this Saturday morning to discuss more incidents in America the first in which A 8 yr old Bi-Racial kid was Lynched in New Hampshire by a group of white kids. Luckily he survived and was able to escape what makes it more egregious is the fact that the new hampshire police are conducting an investigation but have not released the information on the suspects. But therein lies the double standards of law enforcement, justice system and the police. When the perpetrators of the crime are more on the melanated aspect the information leaks, the juveniles are tried as adults and thrown in jail and or railroaded within the public sphere and the media and court of public opinion. We’ve seen it time and time again they are railroaded and tossed into juvenile detention centers. We’ve also seen the policy that VICTIMS of heinous acts have their juvenile records unsealed to paint them in a bad light, because perception to the masses is reality. It’s a blatant double standard within the so-called justice system that others are afforfded justice either by majority white juries or biased judges or MSM outlets which downplay media coverage attempting to keep the story under wraps to not draw attention to it.

KKK member shoots at black man on video with cops 15 Feet away, they do Nothing.

Towards the end of the Charlottesville protest the group of large neo-nazi’s, ville Alt-right outright white surpremacists was being forced out of the park away from antifa protestors and left wing peaceful bystanders. There was a few scuffles and assualts but one incident is the image captured on video of an aavowded kkk member pulling out a glock and taking the safety off and unloading one round into a black man in the background as he stood there with a makeshift aerosol flame thrower after being attacked by the white surpremacist group earlier. Richard Willson Preston calmly shoots and walks back into the crowd leaving, and as the video follows him walking away we see a group of cops right next to them accross the barricade doing nothing.

Let me tell you why this is such bullshit, turn the tables if that had been a black militant man with the same weapon firing into a crowd of white people the cops would have sprung into action and unloaded into the shooter no questions asked!!! There is a bias within law enforcement to treat white shooters with kid gloves and give them chances to be taken in alive, let’s keep it 100. We’ve seen numerous instances of white criminals gunning at cops and are miraculously taken in alive. Cops can have restraint but when that person is black more often not it’s DOA no questions asked. It’s blatant and it’s biased…

A Travesty of Justice… St.Louis cop walks free after murdering unarmed man by judge.

And just today as I’ve written this article A St.Louis cop by the name of Jason Stockley was set free after a judge declared him NOT GUILTY in the death of an unarmed Black motorist Anthony Lamar Smith. What makes this case so damned bizarre and outragous concerning the details is Stockly chased after Smith not knowing if he was a drug dealer or not, on video in the police crusier proclaimed “I’m gonna KILL this motherfucker…” The police ambushed the car as Stockley went into his back seat and pulled out an unregistered AK-47 modified with a barrel drum high capacity magazine. Then the cherry on top is he got caught on video planting a dirty gun WITH HIS OWN DNA INTO SMITH’S CAR AT THE SCENE!!! is this america or am I watching The Shield?!!? What the fuck… And by all rights he was dead toi rights, everything was caught on camera surely he would be judged by his peers and justice would be done for the man he killed in a mob style type of hit… right?! WRONG….

A lone judge looking at the evidence declared him NOT GUILTY even with a mountain of evidence on his desk in front of his eyes he proclaimed the cop maliciously saying I’m going to murder this motherfucker as a threat was just said in jest…

And now people are rioting in St.Louis… and frankly I’m okay with that.

You have a president who endorses and sympathizes with white supremacists, he tells cops to beat up people without due process of the law. he goes on twitter and verbally attacks anyone who questions his administration. You have police Unions officials proclaiming groups of citizens are packs of wild animals, you have corporations and media companies giving these racist maniacs public platforms to preach their hate. This isn’t a democracy this is america as an Empire. Black people been beat up and bullied into submission and placated with words and promises of other doing better from politicians and presidents who have done nothing to stem the tide of a public so enamored with our deaths, our pain, our collective suffering… If St. Louis burns because the corrupt system biased towards us as a collective does not prosecute and condemn others and hold them accountable then my advice is do what you have to do.

For a nations of Peace, you bring war and for a war you proclaim peace with the knife behind your back… You cannot have it both ways. The boiling point is coming ladies and gents it’s was only a matter of time.

Norman R. Colson

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Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.

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Norman R. Colson

Writer, Novelist, Entrepreneur, Free Thinker….It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the size of the dog. Vulcanite Media C.E.O.